Homes for Sale

The house at 1305 North NE in the Creston neighborhood is nearing completion.  The house sports a great new kitchen with new cupboards, countertop, a pantry, open shelving and Energy Star rated appliances.  It has two bedrooms and a bathroom up, with kitchen, living room and dining room down.   The house has new flooring, drywall, painting and electrical throughout.   We still need to do landscaping and a final cleanup.    If you are interested in becoming a New Development homeowner,  please start by visiting our homebuyer process page.   The sale price is $175,000 and income eligibility numbers are below. 

Income Eligibility

Household Size            Maximum Household Income

1                                       $51,150

2                                       $57,300

3                                       $64,450

4                                       $71,600

5                                       $77,350

6                                       $83,100

7                                       $88,800