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Contractor Information

New Development Corporation is committed to using LOCAL contractors to rehabilitate our homes. We welcome new contractors to contact us at any time!

Below are some of the requirements for working with us:



  • Minority Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises or Micro-business Enterprises are strongly encouraged to bid on projects.
  • Section 3 rules may apply to projects. These rules require at least 10% of the hard construction costs be awarded to a Section 3 eligible contractor or subcontractor. They additionally require the winning contractor sign the New Development Corporation Section 3 Business Plan. We will be available to help any interested parties through this process. The Section 3 certification is done by the City of Grand Rapids.   For more information call us or click here.
  • General Contractors shall hold a current State of Michigan Residential Builders License.
  • General Contractors will not be on the State or Federal  disbarred list.


Insurance Requirements

  • General Liability Insurance:  $1 Million minimum per occurrence and in general aggregate
  • The City of Grand Rapids shall be listed as an additional insured on General Liability Insurance
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto:  $1 Million minimum per occurrence
  • Workers Compensation Insurance:  All Contractors must carry Workers Compensation Insurance regardless of company size.


Lead Based Paint/Asbestos

  • All of our homes are from the era that contained Lead Based Paint and/or Asbestos. All work in those areas need to be completed by a Licensed Abatement Contractor with current licensing by the State of Michigan.